100-day Employee Onboarding Training Course

This 100-day Onboarding Training Course is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

We now offer this programme, and all our training courses as Virtual Training,
to meet your unique needs arising from the COVID-19 Corona Virus epidemic.

Employee Onboarding Training Course
Suitable for all HR Teams and Line Managers
Course Duration: 2 daysNQF Level: 4
Course Objective:
Our 100-day Employee Onboarding Training Course will equip your HR Team and Line Managers with the knowledge and equipment that will ensure your newcomers are acclimatized to all aspects of your company’s operations and culture in their first 100 days.
Course content and outcomes:
Delegates on this course will learn:
  • The benefits of well-planned 100-day employee onboarding

  • Pre-boarding

  • •   30 days before Day 1: Planning and preparation          •   What needs to be done by HR and by Line Managers?
  • Pre-boarding

  • •   2 weeks before Day 1: Implementation of planning and preparation          •   Communication with the new hire          •   Preparing the new hire’s team for their arrival          •   Preparing other departments and stakeholders for their arrival          •   What can we do to provide momentum and positive expectations?          •   What can we do to commence early with orientation? Virtual platforms available?
  • Onboarding – Day 1

  • •   Initial arrival – What can we do to deliver best practice?          •   Introductions and welcoming / Introduction to the buddy and mentoring systems          •   Commencement of the company’s 2-weeks orientation processes. What we will do.
  • On board – Day 2 to day 30

  • •   Formal 2- day induction programme: Who will do what & how?          •   Line & HR responsibilities          •   Commencement of 100-day Organisation induction and Departmental induction
  • On board – First 100 days

  • •   Scheduled dates for meetings with new hire for 2-way feedback          •   100-day forum meeting to discuss progress / on-line survey by new hire
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