Diversity Training Course

This Diversity Training Course is offered throughout South Africa
– Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth –

We now offer this programme, and all our training courses as Virtual Training,
to meet your unique needs arising from the COVID-19 Corona Virus epidemic

Diversity Training Course

Suitable for all employees

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Objective:

Successful, forward-thinking organisations understand the critical importance of offering diversity training – which we offer throughout South Africa – so that all employees:

  • are encouraged and able to draw from each other the creativity, knowledge and support they need to meet their common goals

  • can gain understanding of different cultures, beliefs, behaviours and thinking styles

  • are able to understand and embrace the richness of the diversity in their workplace, and develop common ground to collaborate and work together

  • can develop common ground to collaborate and work together

Course content and outcomes:

Through this training, delegates will learn:

  • Understanding the concept of diversity – what does it mean in the workplace?

  • The importance of diversity for nature and the world to function properly

  • We are all different: Understanding our differences – in the workplace, and personal lives

  • Understanding discrimination and it’s destructive effect:
    • Biases
    • Diversity Training Course
    • Prejudices
    • Stereotypes
  • Understanding the 4 pillars of diversity:
    • Racial diversity
    • Gender diversity
    • Cultural diversity
    • Thought diversity
  • Understanding Employment Equity, Affirmative Action and our need to comply with the law

  • The business case for building a culture of valuing diversity

  • Small group discussions:
    • Understanding our unique differences
    • Understanding our different perceptions
  • Managing workplace conflict arising from diversity
To enrol delegates on this Diversity Training Course, click on the link below:

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